Workplace Civility: Handling Difficult Conversations with a Coworker

Clients . Co-Workers . Team Members . Contractors | Instructor Michel Hobson
  • 7 Videos
  • 2 Surveys
  • 3 Multimedia
  • 5 Texts
  • 2 PDFs
  • 2 Presentations
  • 2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction
L101: Video - introduction, Objectives and Expectations
L102: Navigating This Course
L103: Survey: What is it like today?
L104: PDF - Workplace Bullying and Disruptive Behavior
L103a: Survey - How Well Do You Handle Difficult Conversations?
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Lesson 2: What is Not Working in the Current Workplace
L201: Video - Current State of the Workplace
L202: Activity - Changing the Current State
L203: Case Study - Civility in America
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Lesson 3: Professionals Who Deliver Bad News
L301: Professionals at Bad News
L302: Activity - Communicating Effectively with Coworkers
L303: Article - What the Experts Suggest
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Lesson 4: Types of Difficult Workplace Conversations
L401: Types of Conversations
L402: Scramble - Cummunicating Effectively with Coworkers
L403: Infographic - Difficult Conversations in Britian FREE PREVIEW
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Lesson 5: The Steps to Improve Conversations - and How Do We Get There?
L501: What Skills Are Needed to Improve Conversations
L502: Actionable Change Start With You
L503: PDF - 20 Ways to Promote Humility and Respect
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Lesson 6: Summary
Summary / Feedback
Attendee Evaluation of the Course
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Lesson 7: Useful Links
L701: Resources - Difficult Workplace Tips (Articles)
L702: Free Worksheet! Actionable Steps FREE PREVIEW
L703: Workplace So Difficult that You are Searching for Your Next Job? You Need Help! Download "31 Workplace Tools to Help in Your Job Search"
L704: Thank you!
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Course description

This is a great course on handling difficult one-on-one conversations in the workplace - with your co-worker, your project team member, your small business colleague, or even between solo entrepreneur and a client.


  • Small Business or Startup Workers
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Solo Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

We will cover a host of topics including:

  • What is Not Working Currently
  • Professions Requiring Skill in Difficult Workplace Conversation
  • 2 Different Types of Difficult Workplace Conversations
  • The Steps to Improve Conversations - How Do We Get There?
  • Summary

I hope you enjoy the course!

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Michel  Hobson
Michel Hobson
Workplace Training Consultant

Michel has 20+ years experience conducting classroom workplace training, managing Education Conferences, Hosting Technology Workshops, Facilitating Skills Development Seminars, Conducting Train-the-Trainer Events, and Customer Learning Events. An avid coffee drinker and beach lover.

Michel Hobson